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While traveling  in Pakistan I focused mainly on photographing the hardships of pregnancy and childbirth.
From fistula, traditional midwives to a camp pregnancy after the devastating flood in 2010 which displaced millions of people in the country. 
Part of this work was used for the 'End fistula campaign' of the UNFPA.

'There is nothing more wrenching than to see a teenage girl shamed by a fistula' wrote NY Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof once, which
is absolutely true.
Yet, there is nothing more joyeus than to see a woman or girl being declared dry after a the process of a fistula repair surgery. 

From the moment I met Dr. Shershah, a gynaecologist and fistula surgeon from Karachi, I started to immerse myself into his world of deliveries.

In all my time in Pakistan, I spent a huge amount of time in the Koohi Goth Women's hospital in Karachi, where Dr. Shershah Syed and his team provide free fistula repair surgeries for women from all over Pakistan. 
From detecting the women in rural surgical camps, consultations to the actual surgery and follow ups.
This place and these doctors literally change the lives of so many women.
No more shame.

I always wanted to do more then just photograph. I want to give something back. 
So for each sold book, 5€ directly gets donated to the Koohi Goth Women's hospital.

You can of course donate more and help change even more lives.