Always the guest
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What does it mean to belong somewhere? 
How does a young woman from Belgium end up feeling more at home in a country like Pakistan,
a place so different then the one she comes from?

In this personal book Wendy Marijnissen tries to answer some of these questions.  

'Always the guest' is a story about loss, motherhood, about home and
what and more importantly who cross your path and help shape your identity.


"Each time I arrive in the late hours, somewhere between day and night. The damp air covers my face,
warms up my body and makes my muscles relax as I step out of the Karachi airport.
Despite the nightly hour, driving up to city, everywhere you look, somebody somehow is there.
A city alive 24/7.

I settle in my room and after a jet-lagged nap step out and see the birds. I get an innate sense of home. Of feeling I belong here.
As the crows swoosh around among their flock, I wonder if birds are just like people too. At dawn they leave the tree where they rest and sleep at night - flying out, eating bugs, creating fascinating patterns that resemble a dance. Yet each time returning and settling back into the tree.

I feel like these birds.
Always flying out, yet each time returning.  But where exactly is it that I return to?
Karachi or Antwerp?
Could it be both? "